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What makes the perfect Iso Outfit?

Something that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning! Something that looks good, feels good on the outside and makes you feel good on the inside. Something ‘cute’, ‘cool’ and ‘comfy’.

The ‘cute’ element helps us embrace our gentle feminine side, which is really important during these times to stay emotionally connected and in touch with ourselves.

The ‘cool’ side injects that energy and fun we need to lift our spirits and excite us.

Well, ‘comfy’ do I really need to explain?

And, it has to be something you’d continue to wear after all this is over and we’re back out socialising, going out for lunch, group catch-ups and working in an office again...

Pieces that really tick those boxes for us are:

  • Statement tees or jumpers, they evoke the ‘cool’ high energy, spirit lifting element

  • Anything with pockets, they look ‘cool’, they’re ‘comfy’, fun and practical

  • A slouch or jogger cut pant, these tick both ‘cool’ and ‘comfy’ and can be dressed up or down

  • An elastic waistband! This is important for two reasons in our current environment: one it’s super ‘comfy’ and two, if you’ve been eating up a storm and dabbling in daily day drinking (like myself), then your waist is probably going to be fluctuating during this time, so an elastic waistband will adapt with your new lifestyle he he

  • Some natural fibres, these tick all three Cs. Usually their ‘cute’, they feel great on and are therefore ‘comfy’ and it’s very ‘cool’ to wear environmentally sustainable fashion!

Then there’s that extra piece that makes an ISO Outfit really special and heartfelt! Our community, our world and ourselves are all suffering in someway at the moment, so buying something that gives back too. Giving back is one of the quickest ways to boost endorphins! That could mean buying local, buying environmentally and ethically friendly, buying natural fibres or buying from a social enterprise. We, The Grateful Boutique, for example try to stock all of these options in some form, but we’re also built on a pay-it-forward model, for every purchase made we donate part of our profit on your (the customer’s) behalf to sponsor a lady from domestic violence to take critical self defence classes through Got Your Back Sista.

Visit our online boutique to shop our perfect Iso Outfits

Some of our current favourite pieces available at our online boutique

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