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Fashion styling for a brand profile photoshoot

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Your brand photo is your opportunity to show yourself in a way that is going to capture, then connect with your target audience in an authentic and inviting way. Four questions to think about when planning for your shoot:

  • who is your brand?

  • who are you?

  • who are your customers/clients?

  • how do you want people to feel about you?

Yay! Corporate dressing is dead, people don't seem to place the same trust in suits or white coats anymore and thanks to COVID it’s now official that corporate dressing is finally dead! Outfits cross all sorts of previously made up boundaries and limits: people take their rubbish out in cocktail outfits, people make multimillion dollar deals in tracksuits.

So what do you wear then for a branding photo?

Here’s a few high level tips:

  • avoid wearing something too in your face or intense that might be polarizing for your target audience

  • wear something comfortable, so that you feel comfortable

  • aim for something inviting and approachable

  • use colours and materials that represent the message you want to convey: eg. Green = fresh, white = loyal, pink = loving caring nurturing, blue = calming

  • dress in way that represents what you actually do

  • if you’re still nervous about showing too much of yourself personally you can do it through accessories and props: hold a laptop, coffee, drape a jacket over your shoulder instead of wearing it fully, if you don’t want to wear bright colours but love them you can introduce them through a picture in the background or you can do the same with your favourite quote

  • using pockets, having something to hold and/or a person to talk to during the shoot; these are great ways to help you feel comfortable and support your body language

  • my personal favourite, is to accessorise with a funky bright earring

Some examples of Industries, things to consider and how you can dress for your brand photos.


Blogger, creative, podcaster etc. Something that portrays your personality and beliefs. Statement tees are a great way to do this

Professional services

For me I want to trust you and to do that I need you to show me a bit of who you are as much or if not more than what you do. Ditch the suit and black. A little bit of colour, comfort and your own personal style. Relaxed dress and jacket instead of harsh blazer. What do your target clients wear?


What do you stand for? Earth nature local. Think natural fibers, earthy colours, locally made iconic pieces or accessories


Fitness for example active wear, travel industry something you’d wear traveling that clients relate to eg. if you’re high end what would you wear strolling the streets of Paris

Health wellness and carers

You can use colours here to evoke a feeling, orange represents health, green is fresh and life, pink is caring and loving

Most of all work with a photographer you trust, feel comfortable with and connect with because getting professional photos will most likely be out of your comfort zone, so the right photographer can make the experience comfortable and fun, which is ultimately how you’ll achieve that winning photo to portray your brand and essence!

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