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  • Heidi Alexandra Pollard

Would you consider yourself grateful?

According to the dictionary grateful is defined as feeling or showing an appreciation of kindness; thankful.

Tune into this week's Theatre of U podcast show to hear more about the delightful trio of women from the local town of Carrington who have created an inspiring business and one-for-one happiness project with the concept of treat yourself, support others. Tune in as our I interview two of the trio Jess and Amee where we discuss things such as where the idea for the business came from, how it has birthed many new things (including little humans who guest stars in this episode) and how the awesome threesome are supporting their families, their local community and people going through hard times just from the seed of an idea to spread happiness. They also answer 5 questions from the Cards for Uniqueness. (order yours here ) It's inspiring and touching - Tune in here

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