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I'm (Gem) feeling quite out of my comfort zone, and I’m not sure if I’m feeling ready to even follow through with these intentions daily, but you have to start somewhere. So here goes:

1. Acceptance- there are a lot of things about me I feel I need to change, and after may years of trying to change so many little things about myself, they’ve become big things and really shifted who I am now. So everyday as the control slips from my grasp of what should be, I am now teaching myself that what will be is what will be; acceptance. Acceptance of myself and the person I am, not fighting myself over the things that are just me, not worrying about what I think I need to be, but just reconnecting and accepting that this is me warts and all ….and that’s ok

2. Reflection- this is a big one for me lately, as I know I can sometimes have a rather negative view on things. I don’t believe I’m a negative person, but I find the faults, see the problems, and notice the bad more often than not. So each day I want to take the time to reflect on the good things, and there are soooo many great things. My intention is to reflect and embrace the positive things in my life. With all that goes on each day with the juggle of kids, work home etc. there are many ups and downs throughout the day, so each good moment I try and take a mental snapshot and when things get shit, and let's face it they can flip so quickly, I keep my mental happiness in the back of my brain to ground me and keep me calm.

And that leads me to my third intention... 3. Me Time- this is giving myself time to breath and reconnect with me. I’m constantly trying to give my kids the best parts of me and then running to my phone as soon as they are asleep or at day care to catch up on all things work that I have missed, and then finding myself so torn between trying to get back to something for work or remembering something for the kids or trying to get some other job done that my brains bouncing between everything and I end up getting nothing done all while missing lunch and not eating anything. So I intend to take the moments I can to clear it all out and just breathe. This means finding a safe space, clearing my mind, and taking a few moments to just reconnect with me. No distraction, no interruptions, just a quick moment to flush it all out and get some perspective.

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