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Your exclusive invite to your local island party

(the official Island Life launch party)


It’s official, we’re FINALLY celebrating our unity! Three of Newcastle’s favourite feel good businesses coming together to create ‘Island Life’: The Grateful Boutique, The Mexican Cantina and Pineapple Fitness!

At the core, Island Life is all about supporting people to become happier in themselves, while each of our businesses do this in their own unique way; one through physical movement, one through local healthy food and one through giving. Our little ‘Island Life’ hub that we’ve created is a place where, as you you would with many island communities, you’ll find families coming together, you watch each other’s children, you eat food that’s sourced locally or that you harvested yourself, you know who made the product you’re buying and everything is done with purpose. SO WHAT WOULD AN ISLAND LIFE PARTY BE WITHOUT THE PEOPLE WE LOVE MOST AND THOSE WHO HAVE SUPPORTED US TO CREATE OUR BUSINESSES AND ‘ISLAND LIFE’… well NOT MUCH? We’d love nothing more than for you to join us to help celebrate what you’ve helped us to create, Island Life baby!


When: Friday, 14 September at 5pm to 7pm (formal thank yous will be at 5.30pm)
What: Drinks, food, entertainment, celebrating, shopping…


Please let us know ASAP if you’re able to attend and before Friday, 7 September. Click here to RSVP!


Thank you and love from The Grateful Boutique, The Mexican Cantina and Pineapple Fitness xo

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