In a sequel of all time spectacular Winona dresses comes the Commix dress. Part of the Synergy collection. These dresses are a loose fit and generous in size.

Symbolic of creating harmony whilst embracing diversity;

 At first glance SYNERGY appears as an effortless collaboration of diverse colours and textures, but when delving deeper you discover true uniqueness within each design. Throughout this collection WINONA heroes each individual piece, masterfully curated with intention to push and redefine boundaries within your style spectrum. 
We invite you to step outside your comfort zone and style yourself with an open outlook, just as we have done by dancing past the edge of ours.

Plus, $14 from the purchase price is donated on your behalf to sponsor a lady who has escaped domestic violence to take critical self defence classes through Got Your Back. Thank you!

Winona Commix Wrap Dress



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