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The Power Of The Kindness Of Strangers

Divas Your Love Has Been Shared!

The volunteers at the main Ronald McDonald House leapt at your well wishes card & Grateful Bouquet to put them on display for families to enjoy during their stay! “Oh my gosh they’re beautiful” and “How sweet!” they gushed.

Over inside the hospital in the Ronald McDonald House family room, there were a couple of parents embracing the available facilities as they took some time out to give themselves a small break and distraction from caring for their ill child. One father grabbing a can of drink took extra time to soak up your donated bouquet and read your well wishes on the card we were hanging. A mother taking a few minutes to sit down, charge her phone and talk about whatever she could to divert her thoughts for a moment, asked about where your flowers had come from, then who has written these messages and what Divas On The Green is. We felt honoured to answer her questions and tell her about the fabulous people, occasion and cause, plus support her in diverting her thoughts so she could reset before going back to care for her child.

Just like those days we all have when we’re feeling down, our bodies in survival mode and our mind a million miles away, then just like MAGIC a stranger smiles at us and all of a sudden we feel lighter and our worries somewhat dissipate, we can almost guarantee that your flowers and well wishes cards paid forward from Friday will help turn a parent or child’s distraught day around.

Thank you! Love Jess, Gem, Amee & Michelle xoxoxo

*The below Insta snippets were posted by someone else this week, but we thought it would be nice to share the universe's feedback...

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