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Bursting blooms & heartfelt messages injected throughout the hospital: NICU, Ronald McDonald Hou

Thanks to the amazing 200 hundred guests that attended the Rafiki Mwema and Constance Hall event on Saturday night and collectively built these beautiful bouquets and shared heartfelt well wishes which we have just paid forward to the John Hunter Hospital!

We LOVED meeting you and we're excited to share that your beautiful blooms and heartfelt messages have been delivered to critical areas in the John Hunter Hospital. One giant bouquet is brightening lives in the Ronald McDonald House family room, another in NICU and the third in the Emergency Department.

Feedback from our delivery:

When we were dropping off your bouquet and card to NICU, there was a little girl in the lounge area being cared for by one of the lovely volunteers. They had just met, she was about two and was very quiet and a little out of her comfort zone, but was extremely interested in your flowers; pointing and reaching out to feel and smell them. Your flowers were the perfect gentle, calming and colourful ice breaker for the new friends to connect over.

Over in the Emergency Department the triage nurses were so excited to see your giant and colourful flowers “are they for us?” they cheered hopefully! They were so overjoyed with your flowers, that they placed them front and centre in the emergency waiting room. “Oh everybody will love these!!!! I just love flowers” commented one of the nurses as she hugged the big vase. “I really should be working, but I’ve got time to smell the roses for a moment” she said.

“oh lovely flowers” “that’s just lovely isn’t it”Everyone throughout the hospital was so interested in what we were doing carting three large spectacular vases of flowers around. Asking what they were for and commenting on how beautiful they were . . When we explained how a group of amazing humans had collectively put them together at an event on Saturday night they were blown away,

We always say how magical flowers are, they give your mind a rest and inject new life into your body. There's not many things in this world that are able to provide such a sensory experience: sight, smell, touch and the most wonderful sixth sense nostalgia!

About the event

WOW WHAT AN HONOUR & AMAZING HEARTFELT EXPERIENCE!!! Saturday was truly magical & eye opening. We were truly blessed when we were invited to create a little something for the guests attending the Rafiki and Constance Hall event.

We chose to donate 200 flowers to the John Hunter Hospital on behalf of each of the 200 guests. Each guest collectively created these spectacular bouquets by selecting a stem & putting it into a vase & then writing a special message in the cards that will be delivered with these bouquets. It was truly a magical moment & introduced us to a eclectic inspirational group of humans.

And wow to hear the unbelievable stories & work of @rafikicastle - we’re still lost for words, but know something changed in us last night & in our futures & the lives of those beautiful little humans in Kenya. THANK YOU @rafikicastle for opening up our eyes & hearts further than we thought possible!

If you'd like to learn more about Rafiki or support PLEASE visit their website

All our love Jess, Gem, Amee & George xoxoxo

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