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This week it is my turn (Amee) to share my daily intentions – an idea that is still relatively new to me, so be kind! The way I see it, my daily intentions are three priorities that I set for myself in order to make the most out of my day; three things I can do to make my day incredible (or at least better!). I guess the thing about daily intentions is that you choose, each day, to do something entirely for yourself, which is not always easy! However, this year I have quite bit on my plate: a baby on the way in just three short months, a very energetic two-year-old boy Charlie, house renovations (live in – yay!) and of course my exciting new venture with Jess and Gem involving all things The Grateful, so I NEED to set some time aside for myself each day in order to be the best version of myself (and survive, ha!). So here we go…

  1. Create Space - creating space is both a short and long term goal for me. Each day I set some time aside in my day for myself, which is going to become increasingly important when our new bundle of joy arrives. This space can look like so many things for me: getting up before my son to enjoy a coffee by myself (bliss!), 10 minutes to clear my head - preferably outside - which means no phone, no music, no TV, and finally yoga (my new-found obsession – yes I’m a little late, I know!). As a long term plan, creating space is about decluttering my life. Getting rid of the junk, the excess, the unnecessary, living with less!

  2. Keeping a journal – I guess this is an extension of creating space for myself. I’m setting myself to the goal to write something down each day. It doesn’t have to be mind blowing – it can be something I’m grateful for, something I’d like to achieve that day, something I need to work through. Writing things down has always helped to clear my mind and keep me grounded - who doesn’t need that?!

  3. Be present – this one is simple enough, but is often easily overlooked. I choose to be present in each day. This includes on the mundane (and let’s face it, motherhood can be mundane at times!). Prioritise being present in that moment, no distractions – social media, phone, work, a wandering mind... This is particularly important for me as Charlie will soon be sharing me with a little brother or sister, so I need (and want!) to be 100% present when spending time with him in order to make the most of our time together.

And that’s a wrap! Wish me luck! Amee xx

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