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This is my - Jess's - pledge to myself and those I love. And this is me asking for your support to help me hold myself accountable!

I currently have a 9 month old daughter (Eddi) whose personality already shines strong and who appears to share many similar traits with me eg. "like a bull at a gate"; plus, on top of Eddi, as you may know, I'm opening a new store with two of my best friends (Gem & Amee) and to who I feel personally responsible! So NEVER has it been more important for me to slow down, be present, be focused and be the best version of myself. Especially because Eddi is here now and what I put out she absorbs. I look forward to the now and the future as together Eddi and I learn to find space and clarity, while also embracing the way we each experience and see life.

So as part of our commitment to ourselves, our families and The Grateful I've asked myself, Gem and Amee to develop 3 daily intentions for our respective selves to inspire and motivate us to achieve our own personal purpose.

Here are mine:

1. Grounding/earthing - for at least 5 minutes each day, stand barefoot and feel and connect with the earth. There's actually scientific proof that the earth sends you electric currents (google it!!!

2. Watching natures private show - this I learnt from a mindfulness book. I stare at the leaves on a tree, watch the way they dance, watch the way they filter the light - for my eyes only! I stare until I can't remember what I was thinking about prior, or until I get a surge of energy from watching their beauty. This is such a great practice; I've been doing for years! You can do it stuck in traffic (if there's a tree or grass near by), at home, sitting waiting for someone, if you're stressed or if you're relaxed... and it's so quick!!! OMG I could go on about this forever! AND

3. (My absolute favourite!!!!!!) Staring into Eddi's eyes - staring as if the entire universe exists solely inside of her and the more I stare the more galaxies I'll find. In that moment everything that's ever existed is right there inside of her, and then the moment when she feels me looking into her like she's the only thing in the world and reciprocates... ohhh 😭. Anyway, if you've read this far and you're still awake I'll shut up and let you have some peace... BUT, I encourage you to create some daily intentions for yourself. Love Jess xxxx

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