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This goes towards self defence classes for women from domestic violence and help them to feel both physically and mentally stronger.


Unfortunately, domestic violence is prevalent in our country and the single biggest driver of women in to poverty, which in turn has a significant impact on their well-being, health and happiness.

These 6 week self defence classes, that you contribute to, help women who have escaped domestic violence gain the confidence, support and skills they need to be happy, obtain employment and thrive.

Their vision is to see women and their children happy, thriving and living independently after escaping the trauma of domestic violence.

Visit us in store today, treat yourself to something nice and help empower women for a bright future.

Over $30,000 raised for got your back sista & LifeLine and counting...

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To the John Hunter Hospital and Ronald McDonald House patients, families, volunteers, Doctors & Nurses who dedicate their lives to caring for the patients, plus other deserving areas of our community.

We all know that hospitals can be sad, sterile places to hang out, so our mission is to brighten their day and bring excitement and smiles to their faces right when they need it most.

Thanks to you, we have donated hundreds of thousands of flowers and counting!

hundreds of thousands of flowers donated...

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