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Be Part of Something Bigger!

We would love to hear from people and businesses that would like to receive weekly bouquets, which will also provide another weekly bouquet delivered to the to The John Hunter Hospital on your behalf. The subscription program gives you and/or your business a platform to give back to the community, while also doing something nice for yourself, your business your employees and your clients. 


Having an injection of colour like a bouquet of floral goodness creates a vibrant space with energy and supports you and others to feel good. The bouquet will also display a story about this amazing program that you participate in, which others can read about and appreciate.  When we feel good, it's infectious and we support others around us to feel good! 

How the program works

Simply sign up to receive a weekly bouquet delivered to your home or office. Your weekly subscription also includes your contribution to your donated bouquet, which we'll deliver to The John Hunter Hospital each week on your behalf.  Once your donated bouquet has been delivered you will receive an update from us via email and social media with a story about the delivery and images for you to feel connected to your donation. You are then invited to share this update with clients and through your network, if you wish, to celebrate and promote your community and social responsibility involvement.

If you wish we can arrange that your regular donated bouquet references you or your business directly so recipients of the bouquet know exactly where it came from.

Personal Development & Team Building

You'll also be invited on occasions to come with us and deliver the bouquets to the hospital and put together your own bouquets at workshops. 


If these styles of bouquets or delivery cycles do not suit your requirements, please let us know and we can work with you to create an arrangement that will suit.

*** Payments will then be invoiced on a weekly (or your chosen cycle)  basis until one decides they no longer wish to participate. If you decide to cancel your subscription there is no penalty however, we do require at least 7 working days notice prior to your cancellation. 

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