OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE I'm (Gem) feeling quite out of my comfort zone, and I’m not sure if I’m feeling ready to even follow through with these intentions daily, but you have to start somewhere. So here goes: 1. Acceptance- there are a lot of things about me I feel I need to change, and after may years of trying to change so many little things about myself, they’ve become big things and really shifted who I am now. So everyday as the control slips from my grasp of what should be, I am now teaching myself that what will be is what will be; acceptance. Acceptance of myself and the person I am, not fighting myself over the things that are just me, not worrying about what I think I need to be, bu


MAKING MY DAY INCREDIBLE This week it is my turn (Amee) to share my daily intentions – an idea that is still relatively new to me, so be kind! The way I see it, my daily intentions are three priorities that I set for myself in order to make the most out of my day; three things I can do to make my day incredible (or at least better!). I guess the thing about daily intentions is that you choose, each day, to do something entirely for yourself, which is not always easy! However, this year I have quite bit on my plate: a baby on the way in just three short months, a very energetic two-year-old boy Charlie, house renovations (live in – yay!) and of course my exciting new venture with Jess and Gem


THE POWER OF INTENTIONAL SPACE This is my - Jess's - pledge to myself and those I love. And this is me asking for your support to help me hold myself accountable! I currently have a 9 month old daughter (Eddi) whose personality already shines strong and who appears to share many similar traits with me eg. "like a bull at a gate"; plus, on top of Eddi, as you may know, I'm opening a new store with two of my best friends (Gem & Amee) and to who I feel personally responsible! So NEVER has it been more important for me to slow down, be present, be focused and be the best version of myself. Especially because Eddi is here now and what I put out she absorbs. I look forward to the now and the futur


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