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Our purpose and mission is to ultimately create a happier society

Who is The Grateful?


We just want to feel good and share the sh*t out of it!

Depression is currently the leading cause of ill health worldwide, one of the largest killers and causes of disease and is predicted to only increase. We don't want to see this happen to us, our families, YOU or ANYONE!

The only way to fully support others to a happier life is to be completely happy in yourself; so The Grateful is also our own personal growth journey to happiness for ourselves and our famil​i​es, which we can then share with the universe. 

Photo by the amazing Jessica Ross Photography

Two things we've learnt are: that one of the quickest ways to feel happy is to give and the long-term sustainable recipe for happiness is gratitude. 

We've got the love for living GRATEFULLY ourselves after having been blessed with our lives and everything in them, such as: family, friends, lifestyle, health and just living everyday.  We want to create a space, community and place to support and allow others to feel GRATEFUL for just being themselves and also a place where people can come to find that special something to acknowledge those they're GRATEFUL for.

This place or boutique we're creating, is for YOU, for you to come in and visit us and know it's okay to treat yourself and buy something that makes you feel special. YOU ARE SPECIAL! We want you to know that by looking after yourself, you are also helping others! 

What does The Grateful do?
We're a one-for-one​ pay it forward​ happiness project that provides a platform for not just us to give back, but an easy solution for YOU, individuals and businesses in our local community to give to those around us that are currently in need or in a less fortunate position.  

Our boutique sells modern trendy clothing for ladies, men, kids and accessories and we also create and sell beautiful flower posies. For every item purchased a similar item is paid forward on your behalf, you have the opportunity to write in the card for the person receiving your donated gift and you'll also receive an update from us once your donated item has been paid forward. (We do not charge any extra for the donated item, it's all part of us giving back and supporting you to be able to easily do the same.)


Wherever possible we always try and stock from local suppliers and especially those who also have a social conscious for the community and environment. 

How The Grateful bloomed...
One of The Grateful founders, Jess, was travelling Africa and South America in 2016 and in Malawi, she visited a very basic clinic in the middle of nowhere where she saw people on their death beds (which were more like camp swags) surrounded by dark grey/brown mud-concrete walls and all she could think was how easy it would be to put up a colourful picture and give their mind a distraction and something positive for them to look at. So she decided that next time she travelled, she would take a bag full of colourful prints and have them ready. But she also wanted to do something now. She then thought about the places in Newcastle where she could do something similar and realised that she’d been guilty of complaining about how sterile and lifeless hospitals can feel. Why not take responsibility and do something about it?

But sticking to the premise of looking after yourself, Jess was aware starting a business on your own can be a lonely road. One her best-friends from Sydney (now also living the dream in Newy) Gem, wanted to do something a bit more creative like start a coffee and flower shop, so Jess reached out to Gem and said "how about we unite and in addition to The Grateful Boutique (clothing, accessories and home-wares) you can make beautiful blooms for people to buy for themselves, someone they love and pay-forward another posy to someone in need." Well it was a big "hells yes" from Gem.

Fast track to now and we're just opening our Grateful Boutique where the amazing Amee (who just eats up everything The Grateful is) has joined ​us and solidified our awesome threesome, so we can love the hours we work on The Grateful, but also give ourselves and our families the time we all deserve. 

Here's to feeling good and sharing the shit out of it!

Click here to meet Jess

Love Jess, Gem & Amee xxoo

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